The European Agency-controlled clinical trial will be carried on with the new drug Cannabidiol (CBD).

The Hospital Quirón Teknon in Barcelona has been selected to begin a new clinical trial with a new drug, Cannabidiol (CBD) produced by GW Pharmaceuticals for patients with Dravet Syndrome.

In the month of January, the Experts Meeting in Cannabidiol Clinical Trials took place in London. Many aspects of Cannabidiol mechanism of action in epilepsy, efficacy, security issues, and clinical trial protocol design were discussed. Preselection phase for candidates who wish to enroll will start in April. The trial will take place simultaneously in several countries in the European Community, the USA and Israel. Recruitment is competitive between Centres. That means that once the total established number of patients has been included, recruitment will stop.

The trial is authorized by the Health Authorities of the European Community and by the Ethics Committee.  The global Health Community is hoping that this new drug will provide benefits in  seizure control for patients with Dravet Syndrome. 


To be a candidate for the trial, these are the main criteria you must meet:

-          Patients with a firm diagnosis of Dravet Syndrome.

-          Age is between 2 and 18 years old.

-          Uncontrolled seizures that produce falls.

-          In treatment with at least one antiepileptic drug.

-          A minimum of four convulsive/fallung seizures a month.


Participation will be funded by the promoter (GW Pharmaceuticals) and will not have any cost for the patient. Patients security is a top priority for us: there is constant monitoring and test performed during the trial. Our center can only recruit patients witha permanent residence in Spain. 

If you are interested in taking part in this trial, please contact Quirón Teknon Hospital, Epilepsy Institute Russi by telephone: + 34 933 933 197 or through email: Limited number of vacancies available.