Legal Advice

You are in the Epilepsia Russi Institute website of M.D Antonio Russi and his medical team. Our registered address (EPIMEG Professionals Mèdics Associats, VAT Num B-63576813) is to be found at calle Vilana, 12, in Barcelona, P.O 08022. The following Privacy Policy document hereby stated can be applied to all services in this website, the same as for the sites and services that might derive from the website future enlargement.

The most important issue for us it’s the privacy and preservation of our client’s intimacy. When you send us your enquiries to our webpage, a set of data helps us trace your identification. The content of our Privacy Policy shall help you to acknowledge the data we collect, what do we used it for, and which are your rights and our duties as a user and to preserve this data away from the reach of non-authorized third parties.

The aim for data storage

The Epilepsia Russi Institute uses an archive for processing and data storage with the aim to allow users to pose their enquiries via internet. This archive complies with all legal requirements established by the Organic Law 15/1999 from December 13th of Protection of Personal Data, as well as ensures the guarantee of all technical requirements set by the Regulation of Security Measures RD 994/1999, so as to ensure the data security you provide us. Nevertheless, we hereby state that the nature of this archive is temporary and all information you provide us shall be only kept until your enquiries have been answered.

When filling the inquiry form, you automatically bestow your consent for your data processing. The required data in the form shall be compulsory filled in so we can duly provide the proper answer to all your questions, yet you still have the right to preserve your identity by not filling name and surname in the inquiry form. The Epilepsy Russi Institute guarantees that, all data provided will not be accessed or made public to any outside party, and this data shall solely be public under the owner’s consent and always duly authorized.

Complementary information

The method used to collecting complementary information from the visits to our service, such as those from the more revisited sites of our webpage or the services you have been paying more attention to, consists on registering the address or IP protocol from your computer. This IP protocol is a number automatically assigned to each system when starting a new navigating session. Any website you visit, will immediately detect your IP address and it will be automatically registered and stored. This storage has the only aim of building up a visit statistics file of our website so we can acknowledge the running of our service and be able to make all necessary everyday improvements.

User rights

Data from your enquiry will be eliminated once the answer to it is sent, thus there won’t be any data storage.

The Epilepsy Russi Institute hereby guarantees the compliance of the duty of secrecy provided by the party concerned.

Data Transfer

The Epilepsy Russi Institute by no means will transfer or disclose any data to other third party consultants.

Changes in Legal Notice

Any change to the Legal Notice will be duly communicated to the user through the “legal notice” section to be found in this website and it come into effect at the very moment of its publication.